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New Zealand GST calculator


The GST Calculator New Zealand is an online tool designed to calculate GST online for Goods and Services Tax. It allows users to easily Calculate the GST amount included in a total price or to calculate the additional GST that needs to be added to a base price. This GST calculator NZ is useful for Small businesses and individuals to quickly Calculate GST charges.

How does the NZ GST Calculator work?

The NZ GST Calculator is a user-friendly online tool that helps you quickly calculate GST. Simply enter the price into the calculator, and it will compute either the GST amount to be added to a base price or the GST included in a total price. This tool is ideal for both adding GST to the amount and subtracting GST to find the base price before tax. It’s a quick and efficient solution for anyone needing to calculate GST.

GST Calculator New Zealand Formula

To Calculate GST NZ Amount (Adding GST)

  • GST Amount = Original Price × GST Rate
  • For example, if the original price is $100 and the GST rate is 15%, the GST amount would be $100 × 0.15 = $15.

To Calculate Total Price Including GST NZ (Adding GST)

  • Total Price = Original Price + GST Amount
  • Using the same example, the total price including GST would be $100 + $15 = $115.

Difference between Adding GST and Subtracting GST?

GST NZ inclusive involves calculating and adding the tax to the base price of a product or service, giving you the total cost including tax. In contrast, subtracting GST means working out and removing the tax from the total price, revealing the original price before the tax was added. These two methods are used for different financial purposes: adding GST is for pricing and billing, while GST inclusive price is for tax analysis.

GST Calculator New Zealand

 How to calculate GST in NZ?

To calculate GST in New Zealand, multiply the original price of a product or service by the GST rate of 15%. For example, if an item costs $100, the GST is $100 x 15% = $15. So, the total price including GST would be $100 + $15 = $ 115.


 The GST rate in NZ is 15%

Some goods and services that are exempt from GST include financial services, residential rents, and some government charges.

If you have a business with a turnover of NZD 60,000 or more in 12 months, you are required to register for GST in New Zealand.

You can file your GST returns online through the website, or through a software provider that is approved by New Zealand Government.

If you are required to register for GST and fail to do so, you may be liable for penalties and interest on any GST that should have been paid.

Yes, the GST Calculator New Zealand can be used for both adding GST to an amount and subtracting GST Calculations from an amount. This makes it a versatile tool for individuals and businesses dealing with various transactions.

Yes, the calculator is regularly updated to reflect the current GST rate in New Zealand.