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VAT Calculator UK


what is a VAT calculator UK?

A VAT (Value Added Tax) calculator is a tool designed to help calculate the amount of VAT that needs to be added to or subtracted from a particular price. This tool is particularly useful in countries where VAT is a common form of tax on goods and services. The VAT calculator simplifies the process of applying VAT rates to the net amount (before tax) or gross (including tax) prices of products or services.

VAT Calculator UK

How VAT calculator work?

The VAT calculator UK is a convenient tool for businesses, accountants, and individuals, enabling them to quickly figure out the VAT component for pricing, budgeting, or accounting purposes. It’s especially useful in regions where VAT rates change or vary, helping to ensure accuracy in financial calculations in the correct VAT percentage, by simply calculating and subtract VAT.

How VAT calculator work out VAT?

  1. VAT register thresholdBusinesses must register for VAT when their sales exceed £67,000 (as of April 1, 2008). Voluntary registration is also possible before reaching this threshold.
  2. VAT Rates: VAT is charged at different levels:
    • The standard VAT rate of 20 % applies to most items.
    • reduced rate of 5 % applies to certain items, such as mobility aids for the elderly, smoking cessation products, domestic electricity and gas, children’s car seats, and more.
    • zero rate (without VAT) applies to items like cycle helmets, protective boots and helmets for industrial use, children’s clothes and footwear, baby wear, and certain other products.
  3. VAT-Rated and VAT-Exempt Items: Not all goods and services are vat inclusive. Some items are VAT-exempt, inclusive rent, private education, health services, postal services, finance and insurance, and gambling.

For more detailed information on goods and services subject to different VAT rates, you can visit the HMRC website: HMRC VAT Rates.

IVAT is a significant tax on business transactions in the UK, with varying rates depending on the type of goods or services. Businesses play a crucial role in collecting and remitting this tax to the government.

VAT Refund UK Tourist

Tourists visiting the UK for less than 12 months are eligible for a VAT refund, a scheme allowing them to reclaim VAT paid on goods purchased during their stay, provided these goods are taken out of the UK within three months of purchase. To claim this refund, tourists need to shop at stores offering VAT-free shopping, request a VAT 407 form at the time of purchase, and present this form along with the goods and receipts to customs upon departure from the EU. The refund, not applicable to services like hotel stays or car rentals, can be processed in various ways, such as credit card, bank cheque, or cash. There are restrictions, including a minimum spend requirement, and the goods must be exported within three months from the end of the month of purchase. Tourists facing issues with VAT refunds should contact the retailer or the refund company. This system provides a financial benefit to non-EU tourists, making shopping in the UK more attractive.


A VAT Calculator is an online tool designed to calculate the Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services. It can add VAT to a net price or subtract it from a gross price, based on the applicable VAT rate.

To use a VAT Calculator, you need to input the original price (either net or gross) and select the appropriate VAT rate. The calculator will then compute and display the price with VAT added or the net price before VAT, depending on your input.

VAT Calculators are beneficial for business owners, accountants, and consumers who need to calculate VAT for pricing, budgeting, or accounting. They are particularly useful in regions with variable VAT rates or for international transactions involving VAT

While VAT Calculators are designed to provide accurate calculations based on the input values and selected VAT rate, it’s always advisable to cross-check the results, especially for professional or business purposes.

Most online VAT Calculators are free to use. They provide a quick and easy way to calculate VAT without the need for manual calculations or complex formulas.

These FAQs aim to provide a clear understanding of what a VAT Calculator is and how it can be used effectively in various financial and commercial contexts.

The basic formula to calculate VAT is: VAT Amount=Original Price×VAT RateVAT Amount=Original Price×VAT Rate For example if the original price is £100 and the VAT rate is 20%, the VAT amount would be £100 × 20% = £20.

To find the total price including VAT, add the VAT amount to the original price. The formula is: Total Price=Original Price+VAT AmountTotal Price=Original Price+VAT Amount Using the previous example, the total price including VAT would be £100 (original price) + £20 (VAT) = £120.

To calculate the original price before VAT from the total price, use the formula: Original Price=Total Price1+VAT RateOriginal Price=1+VAT RateTotal Price​ For instance, if the total price including VAT is £120 and the VAT rate is 20%, the original price would be £120 / (1 + 20%) = £100.

Yes, in the UK, there are different VAT rates: the standard rate (20%), the reduced rate (5%), and the zero rate (0%). The applicable rate depends on the type of goods or services.

Yes, a VAT calculator can be used for most products and services. However, it’s important to apply the correct VAT rate, as different items may have different rates (standard, reduced, or zero).

Generally, yes. However, there may be special rules or exemptions for certain types of businesses or products. It’s always advisable to check the latest regulations or consult a tax professional.

To calculate VAT backwards, or to find the original price before VAT from a total price that includes VAT, you use the following formula:

Original Price=Total Price1+VAT RateOriginal Price=1+VAT RateTotal Price​